Melbourne students win Colgate international dental research awards

Friday, August 3, 2012

Students from the Oral Health CRC and the University of Melbourne won the highly coveted Colgate Travel Awards at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Australia and New Zealand Meeting.

Student winners were Shao Bing Fong (1st place, Senior competition), Jacqueline Heath (1st place, Junior competition) and Gareema Prasad (2nd place, Senior competition). As winner of this award, all three students have received funding from Colgate to represent the Oral Health CRC and the University of Melbourne at the IADR Global meeting in Brazil in 2012.

Melbourne Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO, CEO of the Oral Health CRC and Head of the Melbourne Dental School, said the result reflected the quality of the research performed by the students.

"It's a fantastic result for the Melbourne Dental School to have our students win both first places and second place in the competition", said Professor Reynolds.

"Both Shao Bing and Jacqueline are studying how the chronic disease periodontitis is caused. This disease affects the tissues surrounding teeth and can lead to tooth loss".

"Shao Bing and Jacqueline's research could benefit the estimated 20% of Australians who suffer from a moderate to severe form of the disease", said Professor Reynolds.

The International Association for Dental Research is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing research and increasing knowledge to improve oral health. The IADR Australian and New Zealand Division Travel Awards were proudly supported by Colgate.