The Oral Health CRC undertakes scientific research that has important real-world applications. The Centre's scientific discoveries and intellectual property have already been translated into a number of commercially available products.

Tooth Mousse Plus


Tooth Mousse Plus is an award winning topical treatment that helps prevent dental decay and reverse the damage decay causes to teeth...

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Tooth Mousse


Tooth Mousse is a water-based creme containing Recaldent™, which is applied topically to teeth and gums to provide extra protection against acid challenges from bacteria.

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Recaldent™ is the trade mark of a naturally occurring protein found in cows' milk. It can repair and strenthen areas of enamel previously damaged by bacteria. 

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Fuji VII-EP (Extra Protection) glass ionomer cement


Fuji VII-EP (Extra Protection) is a new glass ionomer cement that contains RecaldentTM and is used by oral health professionals on exposed root surfaces to protect against demineralisation and tooth sensitivity. 

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MI VarnishTM


MI VarnishTM is a new product for dental professionals. It enhances enamel acid resistance, boosts salivary fluoride and calcium levels and remains on the teeth longer than other flouride varnishes. 

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