The Oral Health CRC undertakes research through four integrated programs.

Oral and systemic diseases

- Who has oral disease and why?

Our research is increasing understanding of oral health problems in the Australian community, particularly within 'at risk' population groups, and investigating the links between oral disease and systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease and certain cancers.

Prevention and early diagnosis

- How can we better prevent and detect oral diseases?

Our research is improving our capacity to prevent and diagnose oral disease through the development of novel preventive products, chairside diagnostic tools and effective oral health promotion approaches.

Intervention and management

- How can we better treat and manage oral diseases?

Our research is developing treatments to reduce the severity and impact of oral diseases, as well as working with the dental workforce to trial new models of care to meet the community's oral health needs.

Reconstruction and regeneration

- How can we better repair the damage caused by oral disease?

Our research is investigating the use of new technologies and materials to strengthen and reconstruct tooth and supporting bone tissues.

For more detailed information, please refer to each of the Program pages.