Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Dr Brent Ward

PhD Chemistry (Monash University), BSc Hons (Monash University), Master of Research and Development Management (QUT)

Dr Brent Ward is a Project Manager for the Oral Health CRC and is currently based at the Melbourne Dental School laboratories located within the Bio21 Institute, The University of Melbourne. Brent brings expertise on issues related to the isolation and characterization of bioactive peptides from bovine milk and the interaction of casein phosphopeptide with calcium and phosphate phases.

Associate Professor Julie Satur

Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2003, Master Health Science (Health Promotion and Education) Deakin University 1998, Graduate Diploma in Health Education , Deakin University, 1994, Diploma of Applied Science (Dental Therapy) Melbourne 1977

Associate Professor Neil O’Brien-Simpson

Ph.D (1997) – The University of Melbourne, BSc(Hons) (1993) – First Class (H1). Awarded: The University Medal. Napier Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Professor Mike Morgan

BDSc (Otago) MDSc, Graduate Diploma Epidemiology, PhD (Melb)

Professor Mike Morgan has been involved in dental education and research both in Australasia and internationally, primarily within Asia and the Middle East. He is Head of the Melbourne Dental School at The University of Melbourne and holds the Colgate Chair of Population Oral Health, University of Melbourne. He is a registered specialist dentist with a Masters degree and PhD in the areas of dental public health and epidemiology.

Professor Rodrigo Mariño

C.D. (U of Chile), M.P.H (Minnesota), Ph.D. (Melbourne)

Associate Professor Rodrigo Mariño is a public health dentist and a Principal Research Fellow and Reader at the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre (OH-CRC), Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne. Rodrigo has a dental degree from the University of Chile, and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.   Rodrigo has also been a consultant to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization in Washington, DC.

Melbourne Laureate Professor, Eric Reynolds AO

PhD Medical Science (University of Melbourne), BSc Hons (University of Melbourne), FICD, FTSE, FRACDS

Melbourne Laureate Professor, Eric Reynolds AO is a Board member and Chief Executive Officer of the Oral Health CRC. He was head of the Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne for 16 years until 2015 and continues to be Head of Oral Biology at the School.  Professor Reynolds was the Chief Executive Officer of the previous CRC for Oral Health Science, leading the Centre for seven years and through a successful rebid.

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